Protecting the Marine Environment

The Living Reef


A compilation of our animal interactions and observations with a focus on the reproduction of life at sea.  We are a regular visitor to a place known as the hidden city.
It’s the oldest and largest city on Earth and is filled with the most magical animals in the world!

It’s also known as the Living Reef because it supports a greater diversity in life than any other place on earth.
Unfortunately Pollution and Over-fishing are destroying the worlds coral reefs.

25% has already perished and the remaining 75% could disappear within a generation, which wont just affect the Sharks, the Dolphins, and the Sea Turtles, it will affect us ALL!

The living reef protects our coastlines and supports a quarter of all marine life. It is a source for medicine and may even provide cures for life’s most threatening diseases.

The Living Reef may be hidden, but the message is clear:
Protect the Living Reef, and we Protect the Ocean,

Protect the Ocean, and we Protect Ourselves.

Source: ProjectAWARE


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