Welcome to Sea Hounds!

It’s been 15 years since Sea Hounds set sail.  We’ve ridden waves of Adventure, weathered storms of Excitement, and washed ashore survivors of Exploration!

These years of experience only made possible by the constant burning of our Passion for the Ocean, its inhabitants, and the natural balance of planet Earth.

Each crew member takes Education seriously, cares deeply for the Environment, and contributes tirelessly to the Ethos of Sea Hounds.  These are the Expectations we set for ourselves.

We pay special attention to our future Eco-Protectors ~ Our Children and Youth.
Your Experience is our Priority.  We give you the same Care and Attentiveness when you take your first breath underwater, when you look for Equipment which suits you, and when you slip away for our Dive Escapade!

You are in safe hands when you Embark on our Expeditions.  You’ll be our special guest on Snorkel or on Scuba.

For the aspiring Dive Executive, we look forward to welcoming you to the close fraternity of Scuba Instructors and to the Opportunities we share in the Business of Transformation!

Welcome Aboard, as our Expressions of Nature Hounds you to join in our Quest to Protect the Silent Serenades of Life in the Sea.

Stephen Beng                      
Marine Patron
Conservation Skipper